Membership options

Our staff are welcoming and our membership options are fair and flexible, with something for everyone.

Individual memberships

Whether you are looking to improve your fitness, feel healthier and happier, or maintain your current level of fitness, we have a membership for you.


Family memberships

You don’t need to be related to benefit from our Family Membership.


High School Membership

Encouraging kids between 12 and 17 to get active at an early age.


Older adults memberships

If you’re over 60, sharing programmed activities with others of a similar age will keep you active and motivated.


Corporate memberships

Get a YMCA Corporate membership to give your staff a healthy kick-start.


TAC and WorkCover clients

As part of our commitment to providing access for all, the YMCA offers support for TAC and WorkCover clients.


With a variety of memberships available to suit your lifestyle and activity level, your local YMCA centre can help you have fun and get active today.