Commit To Be Fit

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Date: 03rd July 2017 - 27th August 2017
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Commit to be fit!

Let’s face it, commitment is hard. Let us help!

You commit to be fit for 8 weeks at YMCA Somerville and we will commit to you. We will make sure you get the results you are after!

Not only that, you could also WIN $500! 

Starting July 3rd 2017 – August 28th

What you get.

  • Fully Personalised Training Plan

  • $20 Sports Power voucher

  • Access to up to 50 classes per week

  • Nutritional advice from experienced trainers

  • 4 FREE consultations with our trainers

  • Complete body analysis including:

    • Body Measurements

    • Body fat percentage

    • Water percentage

    • Visceral Fat Totals

    • Optional Personal Training for only $27

Just when we thought our challenge couldn't get any better, Australian Sports Nutrition (ASN) has jumped onboard to offer:

•FREE before/after body scans!
•Meal plans!
•Discounted Protein Powder, Fat Burner and Shaker Stacks!

Not to mention everything else we have for our amazing challenge participants!

Only $80* to join in. Contact us today to secure your place!


Terms :

  • *Members of YMCA Somerville pay a one off fee of only $80

  • Non-members must commence a memberhsip at YMCA Somerville for the duration of the challenge. Membership may be cancelled at the conclusion of the challenge with no fees attached. 

  • Winners will be determined by 'before and after' photos chosen by our Centre Manager and Frontiline Manager. 

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